Tom Vogel, 2013 comments from "Keep Movin'" - Big Sam's Funky Nation:

I live in the middle of nowhere in montana and use internet every couple of months. The first thing I type in was this to see some new transcriptions. It really is great and have had some amazing hours just having fun I am not a music major but love to play and your passion feeds my passion more than you could guess. your lessons really help. thank you deeply just for the joy you have given me. 

Jesse, 2013 comments from "Happy 3rd Anniversary":

I have all your transcriptions and practice the youngblood and t.shorty especially using your transcriptions - they've made my world so exciting. Since I'm in a dorm at college right now and keeping up with grades, I can't practice like I would normally, so I listen to my favorite songs and listen intently as I stare at your transcriptions; it seriously makes my day.

Ced, 2013 comments from "Happy 3rd Anniversary":

Allez, je prends la plume au nom de tous les anonymes qui tels des ninjas vont sur ton site, prennent et apprennent et puis s'en vont.  Au nom de tous : Merci !!! Merci !!! Merci !!!  A+