"Get The Hump Out Yo Back" - New Birth Brass Band

“Get The Hump Out Yo Back” (PDF) from the New Birth Brass Band album, New Orleans Second Line!
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Excuse me, caller... but I’m missing some information here.

The first thing that you should notice is that this album version fades out just as the trombone solo begins. I have another file in my library labeled as “Joe Camel” that appears to be the unedited version of the same live performance, which is what I used as a reference for this transcription, but I have to assume that the “Joe Camel” version originally comes from an out-of-print New Birth album. Unfortunately, both of my copies are missing the proper metadata to provide any credibility to my research.

What is for certain, however, is that the trombone solo is shared between two players, panned separately in the stereo field, and I have to assume that one is Glen David Andrews, as he provides the unmistakable vocal call at the top and bottom of the performance. But the second trombonist could be Reginald Steward, Corey Henry... or anyone, really. And perhaps it’s because of this mystery that the “official” album version of “Get The Hump Out Yo Back” was edited for legal reasons.

But don’t let that get you down.

The funky I7-IV7 jam is an excellent vehicle for some exciting trombone licks in front of a live audience. The shared solos restrain from competing against each other for the high register or a flurry of rapid-fire notes, and perhaps in the spirit of the four-hour parades they trade off to save each other’s chops while keeping the crowd energized. When music is played in service of the people and community, perhaps it is not all about receiving the individual credit.

Here is a YouTube video of members of New Birth and TBC marching for Travis “Trumpet Black” Hill.

Recommended reading: Roll With It: Brass Bands in the Streets of New Orleans by Matt Sakakeeny. Published by Duke University Press.