12 FREE Alternatives to Premium Music Streaming Services

Community-sponsored, public, and student radio stations with Internet streams allow you to tune-in to regional programming and take a glimpse at local music scenes from around the United States.  Although you still encounter the seasonal pledge drives, public service announcements, and an occasional awkward silence, it's a small price to pay for the convenience of free streaming American music.  Here are some of my personal favorites radio stations:

Community Radio

WWOZ New Orleans - where it all begins, even the lengthy music calendar is must-hear programming.
CHIRP Chicago - Internet-based station that plans to launch a terrestrial signal in 2016.
WORT Madison - the heart and soul of Madison music for over 40 years.
KKCR Kaua`i - America's very own tropical island sounds.

Public Radio

"The Current" Minneapolis - the perfect soundtrack for a summer bike ride or tending to the winter fire.
KEXP Seattle - even the rain can't stop, won't stop the rock.
WDCB Chicago - jazz, blues, folk, and roots from the city of the big shoulders.

Student Radio

WSUM Madison - I used to tune in for the Friday morning funk.
WNUR Chicago - there's always something weird playing here.
WLUW Chicago - Latin, reggae, and indie rock share this frequency.
WIDR Kalamazoo - even the automated programming regularly plays The Flaming Lips.
KVRX Austin - I once heard a program that featured the music that's been sampled by the Beastie Boys.  Austin loves the Beastie Boys.

What are your favorite streaming radio stations?

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