"Snag It" - Kid Ory

"Snag It" (PDF) from the Kid Ory album, Kid Ory Plays The Blues.
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A disturbing new trend among teenagers and young adults is now viral on social media.  Here to tell us more about "Snagging," from Channel 6's Consumer Investigation Authority Team, is Chuck Verangotto.

That's right, Jeff and Wendy.  A nineteen year-old Edgerton man is in the safety of his own home tonight after a close call with what his friends described as "Snagging."

"We was all just watching him do his thing, but then all of a sudden his body jerked around, real suddenly, and next thing you know there's a puddle on the ground!"

Jeremy Wilson witnessed the entire scene unfold on Wednesday night while he was attending a concert at Sharky's nightclub to watch his friend perform.  It was there that the "Snagging" incident occurred, and according to various Tweets on social media, the "Snagging" happened onstage in front of everyone in attendance.

But what exactly is "Snagging?"  We asked Dr. Bryan Goldberg, a local ENT specialist (Ear, Nose, Throat), about this recent fascination with "Snagging" and just how dangerous it can be.

 "'Snagging' is just the nickname that it has been given, but what it actually is is the result of when a trombonist attempts to play with too much force while being congested in the head, such as due to allergies or a cold."

"What happens is that the air pressure inside of the throat and the nasal cavity becomes so strong that the extra mucus produced in the sinuses has nowhere else to go but out through the nose."

Which is exactly what happened to Jeremy Wilson's friend that soggy night.  Wilson,

"I know his allergies were acting up, but I never thought I'd see them come out his nose like that."

Dr. Goldberg,

"It is a natural occurrence, one of the weird mysteries of the human body, and unfortunately there isn't a whole lot that we can do medically to prevent it."


"I can't even imagine what was going through his head that night, I mean, other than all that snot."

And much like the viscous product of "Snagging," the lifespan of this trend is still unclear.  Wendy.

Thank you, Chuck, for that alarming report.  And it sure seemed like the clouds were "Snagging" all day on us, isn't that right, Courtney, over there in Channel 6's Weather Command?

Here is a YouTube video of the Kid Ory 7 playing the tune, "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate."

Recommended reading: Creole Trombone: Kid Ory and the Early Years of Jazz by John McCusker.  Published by University Press of Mississippi.