"Fire & Brimstone" - Trombone Shorty

"Fire & Brimstone" (PDF) from the Trombone Shorty album, Say That To Say This.
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As the busy summer season wraps up, Trombone Shorty returns from his European tour with a brand new album.  And as a Thank You to my followers for your patience this summer, I offer up a transcription of Shorty's new single, "Fire & Brimstone."  Welcome back!

I must admit that I always get chills when Shorty announces his presence at the top of a trombone solo.  The first phrase stays primarily within one octave range, while the second phrase relies heavily on a syncopated rhythm, and the third phrase features the sextuplet rhythm that mimics a double-time swing feel.  Whew.

But what I want to emphasize is that Shorty uses the G minor pentatonic scale for a majority of this solo.  When he does use non-pentatonic notes, they tend to be just a half-step off the chord tone, which creates a tension or rub that ultimately resolves.  Also, in the seventh bar of the solo, he plays around a D7b9 chord that shapes the resolution of the phrase in the next bar.

And I don't really know what to say about those sextuplet rhythms.  I am still working on mine.

Here is a YouTube video of highlights from one of Trombone Shorty's festival appearances from the summer.

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