"504" - The Soul Rebels

"504'" (PDF) from The Soul Rebels album, Unlock Your Mind.
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There's a feeling you get living here
From the people and the music you hear
Speaking to you and the message is clear
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself

Ladies and gentlemen, The Soul Rebels!  "504" represents the area code of New Orleans, and Trombone Shorty makes a cameo on this recording, providing the trombone solo.  The target note of this minor-key solo is the the A natural, the leading tone in the F7 chord that creates tension and wants to resolve.  The 8-bar phrases can be thought of as a call, a response, a new idea, and an unresolved ending, divided into 2-bars sections.

As you can tell, I'm letting The Soul Rebels speak for themselves, and here's a YouTube video of them doing what they do best: get people dancing.

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