"Do Whatcha Wanna" - Rebirth Brass Band

"Do Whatcha Wanna" (PDF) from the Rebirth Brass Band album, Do Whatcha Wanna, and compilation, Ultimate Rebirth Brass Band.
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Since the trombones do not feature the melodic lead I've plotted out the various melodies on the grand staff, but please keep in mind that my transcriptions are not meant to be note-for-note full scores.  My focus is and always will be on the trombone solos and I want to show how they interact with the melody because the rhythmic divisions what I love the most about New Orleans music. 

For instance, this trombone solo is simply a 16-bar, three note solo.  The three pitches played are Eb, Ab, and Gb.  Both Eb and Ab are the roots of the harmony within the tune, and Gb is the minor third in this key that gives weight to the tonic Eb and an overall bluesy sound.  By reducing the number of notes played, other musical qualities, such as rhythm and tone, are over-emphasized when playing.  What it really comes down to is not what you play, but how you play it: with "attitude."

Also, I have a problem with purchasing music digitally because the album liner notes are not included, in most cases.  Some artists are on the ball and will include a PDF containing the album information, but older recordings are usually missing these notes.  Typically, I can research the album and the band members but I can't be certain who is playing the trombone solo on this recording.  I assume that it is either Stafford Agee or Corey Henry, but help me out! Let's give credit to where credit is due.

SPECIAL THANKS to Stu Bystrzycki for identifying Rebirth's use of "Ffun" by ConFunkShun.

Here's a YouTube video of Rebirth Brass Band doing what they do best.  Enjoy.

Recommended Reading: Free To Solo: An Easy Approach to Improvising in Funk, Soul, Latin, Folk and Jazz Styles by Rob Hughes and Paul Harvey.  Published by Schott Music.