"I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'" - Fred Wesley

"I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'" (PDF) from The J.B.'s album, Damn Right I Am Somebody, and compilation, Funky Good Time: The Anthology.
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Here's another lesson in Fred Wesley 101.  I honestly do not have much to write about this tune, I believe that it pretty much speaks for itself.  You can take any bar in this solo as a case study in Wesleyian phrasing.  It also appears that only a few phrases are ever repeated in this solo.

I want to reiterate what I call the "hiccup" rhythm.  It is the use of two sixteenth notes on the up-beat of 1, which instantly makes it a syncopated rhythm.  Notice the variation of other phrases that begin on the up-beat.  Also, do not forget about the second part of this solo where the tonality shifts from minor to dominant, and Fred explores the major 3rd (C#) and 6th (F#) with the flat 7th (G).  The emphasis appears to be on beat 2, but even so, there is still room for syncopation.

Over the New Year's holiday, Fred Wesley sat in with The Greyboy Allstars.  Here are some short YouTube videos (Part 1 & Part 2) of Fred blowin' his horn.

Recommended Reading: Hit Me, Fred: Recollections of a Sideman by Fred Wesley Jr.  Published by Duke University Press.