"I Know You Got Soul" - Fred Wesley

"I Know You Got Soul" (PDF) by Bobby Byrd.
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A quickie but a goodie.  Bobby Byrd was James Brown's sideman during the funk years, and can be heard on Brown's hit, "Get Up (Sex Machine)," providing the "Get on up"s in the background.  Naturally, when Byrd recorded his own songs, he had access to Brown's band, including trombonist Fred Wesley.  I'm curious as to who is providing the background "Yeah"s on this tune, if it is none other than Brown, himself.

Wesley's solo is nothing spectacular, in fact it's only 12 bars long, but it's what Wesley does best, just good ol' Fred.  "I Know You Got Soul" is a jam over an E9 chord.  While it's not a kind key for the trombone, it is for guitarists, so these patterns can be used if you're jamming with a six-string.  Notice Wesley's use of rhythmic syncopation, and how he shifts between the minor and major pentatonics (#9) to suit his melodic intentions.

I looked for a relevant Bobby Byrd video, and I found some with Fred Wesley in the horn section, but nothing that features the trombone.  So instead, because it's stupidly hot outside, here's a ridiculous YouTube video of Darth Vader playing some salsa trombone.  Yes, you read that correctly.

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