"Chinatown" - Youngblood Brass Band

"Chinatown" (PDF) from the Youngblood Brass Band album, Unlearn.
Official Sheet Music.
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Here's my last transcribed solo from this album... maybe.  This dixieland traditional is actually titled, "Chinatown, My Chinatown," and was written by William Jerome and Jean Schwartz.  I omitted the melody since it is a standard that you find on your own, and if not, then learn it yourself.

Once again, the liner notes don't list who plays the trombone solo, so I will assume that it is Ben McIntosh.  What I've noticed in this style of solo is the emphasis on the chord's guide tones (3rds and 7ths), chromatic passing tones, and using pentatonics to fill in the space.  This aren't required techniques, but rather just some ideas to keep in mind when you consider the phrasing of your solo.

Here's a YouTube video [expired] of Louis Armstrong's recording of this tune, as well as a YouTube video [expired] of Youngblood Brass Band performing it a few weeks ago (that's right, I just spanned 80 years with one sentence!).  Also, notice that Nat McIntosh is not performing with Youngblood in this clip.  I have no idea what that's all about.

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