"Pastime Paradise" - Youngblood Brass Band

"Pastime Paradise" (PDF) from the Youngblood Brass Band album, Unlearn.
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SUPPORT THE BAND: Purchase the official sheet music.  My version was transcribed entirely by myself and is respectfully incomplete.

Here's another one of those Youngblood mashups.  The original tune is by Stevie Wonder from the album, Songs In The Key of Life.  Some people may know this melody from Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise," which sampled the Stevie Wonder beat (a common practice in the 1990's).  The middle section of this Youngblood arrangement uses a melody from Lauryn Hill's "I Used To Love Him."  I have omitted this section.

The liner notes do not state who is playing the trombone solo, but once again, I am guessing that it is Ben McIntosh.  This solo mainly uses the C minor pentatonic, with a few blues licks and, what I like to call, the "New Orleans" lick (bar six).  But what makes this solo great is the patience and sense of phrasing.

The first half hangs around, riffing on Middle C.  It works up to Eb and F, and then lets loose on the blues licks before returning back to Middle C.  The second half plays around with the call-and-response with the background riffs.  Again, a static start that eventually unwinds to the chord extensions (high Bb and C), followed by some bluesy riffs to send it back home.

Here's YouTube video of Youngblood Brass Band in France from last year.

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