"It's All Over" - Youngblood Brass Band

"It's All Over" (PDF) from the Youngblood Brass Band album, Unlearn.
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SUPPORT THE BAND: Purchase the official sheet music.  My version was transcribed entirely by myself and is respectfully incomplete.

The last original tune on the album, "It's All Over" is a straight-ahead, latin punch in the face.  It's simple, yet sophisticated.  On a personal note, this was the first Youngblood tune that inspired me to start transcribing.  I thought this tune's hook was so cleverly catchy... and then they unleashed "Brooklyn" and it was all over.  It was all over, now. 

Ahem.  The solo features The Joe Goltz 6000 throwing down some blues riffs.  Notice the use of repetition, and how each repetition is varied slightly.  It's as if he is exploring every possible way to play the phrase.  Think of it as synonyms in a verbal language.  There are many ways to express the idea of "happy," but some sound hipper than others: jocular.

So, Youngblood rarely tours here in the United States (since we don't pay our artists).  Let's check in and see what they're up to over in Europe.  Here's a YouTube video of a new arrangement of "Avalanche."

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