"V.I.P." - Youngblood Brass Band

"V.I.P." (PDF) from the Youngblood Brass Band album, center:level:roar.
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SUPPORT THE BAND: Purchase the official sheet music.  My transcription is respectfully incomplete.

I can honestly say that this has been the most difficult transcription so far.  The hardest part for me was keeping up with the tempo and the non-linear movement of the phrases.  Although most of the solo works in the Bb blues scale, Nat McIntosh seems to be able to work his way in and out of the spaces in between the scale.

He accomplishes this by using rhythm and phrasing.  Watch for all the syncopation throughout the solo.  While the sixteenth note may be the constant, emphasizing the offbeat and falling back on the eighth notes helps create a time-bending effect.  In his phrasing, McIntosh will explore one note thoroughly by using neighbor tones, chromatic tones, and intervals of thirds.  In addition, the climax of the solo appears to be the high D that begins the final "four."  Yet, it's not.  Nor is the high Eb that follows.  The climax is the high F that McIntosh pulls out from his back pocket at just the right time.  It's a sign of patience, and a rewarding one at that.

SPECIAL THANKS to Danny of Reckless Brass for the comments!

You can really tell how influential a band can be when you see other artists being inspired.  Just watch all the videos of people playing Youngblood's "Brooklyn."  The most original YouTube video I found for "V.I.P." come from the Netherlands.  Enjoy!

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