"Camouflage" - Youngblood Brass Band

"Camouflage" (PDF) from the Youngblood Brass Band album, center:level:roar.
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SUPPORT THE BAND: Purchase the official sheet music.  My version was transcribed entirely by myself and is respectfully incomplete.

We're marching on with another YBB anthem.  This one features The Joe Goltz playing the solo.  What I like about it is that it uses the F minor scale and remains pretty linear; it doesn't make many leaps in the melody.  This solo relies on the strength of the scale to provide its own ideas.

Like a sculptor chipping away a marble, the statue is already there and the artist simply has to reveal it.  In this solo, Goltz is simply working his way up and down the scale, revealing the tension that is already built into the harmony.  In addition, he adds to the tension through syncopation and phrasing.

What develops from using this technique is a sense of trust in the music itself.  Especially in jazz, the music will want to play itself if you can put your faith in how the harmony of a tune functions.  There's really no need to invent new ideas if you are able learn to appreciate what one idea can accomplish.  Don't invent.  Explore.

Here's a YouTube video of the Youngblood Brass Band just hanging out on someone's roof.

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