"Yoy" - Trombone Shorty

"Yoy" (PDF) from the Trombone Shorty album, For True.
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A "Shorty" but a goodie.  The title, "Yoy," if you haven't guessed yet, refers to the lyrics of the song ("Why, oh, why...").  If you listen closely to the opening phrase of the solo, you'll notice that there is no break in the air stream.  The high C continues right into the Bb sixteenth notes, as well as the leap back up the Db. 

Also note that the accented 32nd notes, in bars 5-6, fall on a clave rhythm (3+2).  So if you are practicing this patter, just try finding those accents first, then attempt the actual rhythms once you're loose.

I couldn't find a video of this tune, but here is a YouTube video of Trombone Shorty's interview with JazzFM.

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