"Backatown" - Trombone Shorty

"Backatown" (PDF) from the Trombone Shorty album, Backatown.
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On a personal note, I believe this transcription is my quickest turnaround so far, transcribed and uploaded within a 15 hour period.  That goes to show how simple great tunes can be.  While "Backatown" doesn't push the theoretical envelope, its greatness lies in Shorty's performance.

The opening melody is meant to serve as the bass line.  I heard a radio interview with Shorty in which he specified that this melody came from his need to play bass lines when accompanying his trumpet-playing brother.  So learn how to play bass lines on the trombone.  It will help you learn form and harmony, for instance, try it with the blues in all twelve keys.

When I was transcribing the syncopated rhythm to Melody 3, I found it easier to learn where those A's landed in relation to the beat.  If you simplify that phrase to just the A's, you can fill in the spaces later once you are able to feel where those accents fall.

SPECIAL THANKS to Unknown, Kevin, Bill, and lee for your comments!

Here's a YouTube video of Trombone Shorty playing this song.  Notice how little slide movement he uses during the solo.

Recommended Reading: Building Jazz Bass Lines by Ron Carter.  Published by Hal Leonard.